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Hi, nice to meet you here! :)


You can also join every regular exercise class "remotely" - from home, from your hotel room, from the beach, or from wherever you are at the moment. Read more about each type of exercise here .

All exercises take place in private Facebook groups (this means that there are only us who exercise together... you can see me, I can't see you, so I always talk and explain and emphasize that you are doing the exercises corectly. Of course you can always ask if something is not clear).

If you don't have a Facebook account , by the way, you can easily create one for free, or if you don't want to, take a walk through the Library of already recorded videos (click here) and let's move our bodies together there.

Below, on the current schedule , details about the exercise are also written for each hour, you can sign up for it right away and pay by card. After payment, you will receive all the necessary information to properly prepare for the training and a link to the Facebook group where everything is happening to the entered e-mail address. :)

There are also payment options via Bank Transfer (the information is written below, right at the bottom of the website), in this case, send me an email with the registration (click here) so that I can arrange everything you need to "join" the training.

I look forward to waving to you via the screen, greetings, Katja

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